4 Fun Burgers You Should Try

Who can resist a thick, juicy, tasty burger? It’s a favorite for most of us. But, do not settle for the traditional burger when there are so many exciting ways to dress up the burger and create an even tastier, more enjoyable meal. Whether you need a great lunch for yourself or want to go out to eat at one of the best restaurants Andover MA is known for, check out these four fun burgers that will rock your taste pallets.

1- Cajun BBQ

A Cajun BBQ burger is a spice explosion in the mouth. The flavors mesh well together, creating a bold and flavorful combination that pairs well with fries and other side items. Top the burger with onions for even more enjoyable tastes.

2- California Burger

Who doesn’t love food from sunny California? If you’re not in the state, try out the California burger to make it feel like you are there. This delish burger is tasty and filling, topped with cheddar cheese, avocados, and jalapenos!

3- Salmon Burger

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On a diet? Want to change your burger style? Replace the beef for salmon and you have a delicious yet lighter burger option. The salmon burger is topped with lemon-dried aioli and tomatoes and lettuce.

4- Veggie Burger

Another Choice for those who are eating on the lighter side and for vegetarians, the veggie burger is a combination of chickpeas, bell peppers and sundried tomatoes. The burger is topped with red onion, chipotle mayonnaise, and lettuce and tomato.

The Bottom Line

There is never a bad time to eat a delicious burger, but explore the options and find new and exciting burgers that will take your burger pleasures to the next level. Try out the options above and enjoy the fun!